Well “Liz” is the name I picked up during high school.  At first, I didn’t like it so much. I’ve always introduced my self as Elizabeth. Now, I’m starting to feel it. I’ve caught myself, quite a few times recently, introducing myself as “Liz”. It just feels a little more personal. Since you are my friend, by all means, feel free to call me Liz! Let’s get personal!

Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom and a student pursuing a career in my passion for photography. All with the help and support of my boyfriend, coffee (and tea) (and  warm lemon water with honey)!
I share 3 wild children and a life with the guy I’ve loved since I was 15 years old. You may be wondering what PERKk means. It is our self assigned family name. Each letter stands for the first letter in our first names. Patrick-Elizabeth-River-Kaiya-Kingston. It’s become a habit for me, when referring to us as a family, to just say PERKk. *or maybe I just think we’re cool ;/

Jesus isn’t only my homie… He is my Savior… my Lord! He is the reason that I even pursue this business at all! Nothing I could ever say in this little box will reflect just how much I rely on and need Him… every day… every second!

Reggae is my soul music but I sing the loudest to 80’s (that’s pretty loud). I dance as good as I sing. We’ll just have to hang out for you to know how good that is! ;/


5 comments on “WHO IS LIZ?

  1. 5/24/2012
    Liz, you are doing an amazing job! I love that you are practicing and doing what it takes to achieve your goals in life. GODd has blessed with you and my beautiful grand childern. I would never trade that or change that in my life over a Gazillion Dollars $$ (smiles). I love you and I am so very very proud of you and your achievements. Keep your mind and heart as is and keep growig with GOD he will never leave you nor forsake you. Believe me and Believe in HIM!
    I love you and keep up the wonderful job your are doing now as a Wonderful Loving Mother, a Woman of GOD, and reaching for the Top with something you enjoy doing. I feel so very Blessed to have you as muy daughter and your are very blessed to be the mother of those Beautiful Grand Babies.
    May GOD be with you and bless you with all that you do in life forever.
    Again, keep learning and I am so proud of you and your work.

    Love you

  2. Ive never doubted that you will excel in photography your heart can see what most people cant feel!! Our very own flower child…no doubt you have passion in it because You love it…. ALWAYS HAVE! I am truly excited to watch you grow in what you love to do !!! Your gift and talent it is… No one should be a surprised espcially if they knew your HEART!! Let noone or nothing stand in your WAY!! May be your calling!! To show what is created through your eyes ….BY OUR GOD!!

    • Man, Fran! You really know how to make me feel special! You hit the nail on the head! That’s exactly the power and emotion that I aim to achieve in my photos – capturing, for you to see for yourself, the Love/God in your lives! Thank you for who you are! ❤

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