Ashleigh’s Lovely Lady Lump

When I met Ashleigh, she was 4 years old. She’s my best friends little sister (and mine too) so this shoot was something special! As you’re browsing, you’ll notice that it wasn’t hard to get an amazing photograph of her. She. is. GORGEOUS and although she’s not a model, professionally, she rocked the camera like she had been all her life! During the last half of the shoot Chase, her love, showed up and spontaneously hopped in a couple of the photos. We are planning to do another shoot, with him completely involved in it, at a location that he loves.

My post processing is kind of all over the place in this shoot. I pretty much chose an editing style per location. In the golden field I processed towards the golden hour look. I got a bit contrasty and saturated in the shots with her colorful clothes. I aimed towards a choclolately B&W conversion with these and some may even seem a little blushy. To see the color and B&W conversion and Β some that were not shared on here, stop by my FB fan page….. and please, don’t let this be a one way conversation!

Meet beautiful Ash…




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