The dead of Winter CAN be beautiful!

Yea… I keep telling myself that! I really need convincing during winter time! Something I do love about this unappreciated season is the fact that if you dressed someone up SUPER COLORFUL and threw them anywhere outside, you’d get an awesome contrasty session! Stay tuned…. 😉

Well first things first, I should probably fill you in since I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks. :/ Sorry guys! Im learning! Im learning!

Three really awesome things have happened to me this week (or did I happen to them?)!!!

  1. I got an 85mm 1.8 added to my bag! Now, I just need a couple more lenses and a new bag! ;P Silly girl!
  2. I am officially a member of Rock the Shot! Can I get a WOOT WOOT???! I am SOOOOO happy! EEEEeee!
  3. Keep Calm and Price On by Alicia Caine has arrived in the mail!!! HOH-yeah!  This e-book is going to guide me through pricing fairly (for myself and my clients) while portfolio building and the first couple years of being in business. Then, Ill be moving on up to Easy as Pie and Happy Place by the same author.

Do you know what this means??? I WILL BE  moving onto the next phase of business building in the next couple months! Charg-iiiiing!

Alright, alright… back to the dead of winter. While browsing in Rock the Shot forum, I ran across another photog sharing his shoot that he did to kick himself out of the winter blues. Well, Im not super passionate about landscape photography and photographing “things” so I don’t take the time to practice on those kinds of subjects. I really have the need to capture people. Well, my friend in the forum sure did kick me into gear. I found his shoot very beautiful. The colors in his processing reminded me of brick and teal. I found myself going back to look just to stare at the colors more. Deep and rich and dark. There were a few things working against him in an effort to get a great quality photo (wind, freezing) but he pulled some emotion out of me and I was inspired. SOOOO I had to do my own “Winter Funk Booster Shoot”! Totally outside of the norm for me but I was on a mission to ‘capture the dead’!

Played with a little texture.

Bokeh wants to marry me! ❤ ❤ ❤

Luh–huuuv the lines!

I think this one is my fav! Light pink with a texture!

Not sure what I was thinking here…

and the bald weeping willow. Id be weeping, too!

Happy Valentines Day!!!


5 comments on “The dead of Winter CAN be beautiful!

  1. Man! Seriously guys! I had no clue what I was missing! I didnt even want the lens till he told me he would sell it to me for $200 (only been used 3x)and then I considered. He’s a landscape photog and it wasnt his fav! WOOHOO! Ive read all the hype about 85s in the forums but hadnt been convinced for myself. Im not sure any other lens will outshine this one for me when it comes to portraits. Well, I havent tried the 70-200 yet but I cannot wait to do a portrait shoot with this one. It really helped me define my style and preferences! GO GET ONE!

    Thanks for the compliments! 🙂

  2. Wow! Thank you for the kind words and sharing my link. I too am not one to shoot much other than people, but I have been trying to just try new things, hence this set of images. I think you did a great job! FYI- SO jealous of your new lens!

    • Thanks Mike! That was my first time using it. I think I like it more than my 50 1.8 but Its really hard to use in small spaces, indoors. Now, I would like to get a 35 for indoor shoots in tight spaces and a 70-200 for the sharpness. I wanted to get more of the willow. Theyre amazing trees!

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