2nd Newborn Shoot: Sweet Baby Kaiden

My dear friends just had their super cute baby boy! It’s about time! I’ve been waiting forever for him to come! Sheesh! *wink wink* Thankfully, they agreed to let me do their newborn photos. I tell you what, this line of work is hard for someone like me! In a position where I love the parents and anticipated the baby’s arrival, all I really wanted to do is sniff his no-neck and kiss his irresistable fat cheeks off! SO distracting, y’know?!

Well, this is only some of a session. I will post all of them at My Facebook page if you would like to see the few that I don’t display here. I will be meeting up with the family again, this week, to practice a couple more newborn shoot ideas we’ve had and get some with the parents so that you can see how super hot they are! I hope you enjoy these and would LOVE to hear what you think!

Here is Chubby Luvins Baby Kaiden at 11 days old…


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