Keep me… Protect me… Share me…

Did you know that Kodak is going bankrupt? After watching the video below, it really got me thinking about what a tragedy that is!

This is a 2005 Kodak ad that just stirred my good juju vibes up so much that you should want to be hanging out with me right now!

or you can just attempt to catch them by watching it for yourself…

Truly, this is what every shutter shut means to me!

I hope that your photographs move mountains in people (and yourself)! If not, hit a sistah on the hip (<—no. i don’t have a pager anymore)! It’s my sole mission to create power images from here on out!

Wish me luck on my second newborn shoot this Wednesday! I hope to create some jaw droppers! *sayin’ prayers*

Taken in 2001 of my first child and only girl with my first SLR (35mm) that I got in 1996. Not as grainy in person. It might have been the scanner?


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