DIY Rustic Photo Frame/Hanger

Now, the only reason that I’m blogging about this today is because the chances of my Dad checking my blog before tomorrow (noon) is little to none. He’s pretty old fashion and barely gets on his computer much less know how to use it. This is his late late late late late Christmas gift and he’s getting it tomorrow.

I thought of this idea (without Pinterest or any excessive blog obsessing) and had it put together within the hour. SOOOOO simple. Now, I’m not some major DIY queen so these photos don’t come with step-by-step instructions but I figured if I took a few detail shots, then you could figure it out for yourself- your own way. This was meant more for inspiration than guidance. What I will do is give you the supply list.

  • Rotten wood stick(s) from yard
  • other wood for base
  • little nails (or little nail gun)
  • itty bitty rope (mine was from a bracelet making kit from my 9 year old – shhh… she won’t miss it)
  • colored paper
  • elmers glue

And this is me getting my product photog ON (c’mon… lemme think what I want)…

HOT, right?

Here is the wrapped itty bitty rope…

add little love notes or reminders…

personalize it…

I can hear him saying that right now in a really obnoxious, manly voice. He would also wake us up with his head still on his pillow, hands behind his head, crowing (<—is that what you call it?) at the top of his lungs like a rooster! EEEEERRRRt er EEEEERT er EEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!! Now, him and his wife are decorating their kitchen with roosters. Let’s all stop and say a prayer for her………………………………………… 🙂 Hah!

Don’t forget a photo. This will give you an idea of the size. Compare it to the 4×6…

About 11″ tall, eh?  That photo was actually one of MINE taken in 2001 with my first 35mm SLR that I got in 9th grade (1996)!!! It’s my bro-out-law! 🙂

The base. Nailed from the bottom up, dead center…

I had to add an extra layer of base for stronger support because it was flipping over. Imagine those all colorful! OooOooOooo.

And here’s my favorite part about the frame…

Don’t feel like having all those things on it? Take something(s) out and roll it up a little for a more simple deco!!!

ANNNNNNND the mini. A-whole-nother frame. About 6 inches tall…

I hope you’re inspired and feeling antsy! Link me  if you make your own version! I’d LOVE to see more!

Since, that was a version for my dad (raw wood, earthy, organic), I’ll be bok with a colorful, ME version!

Much Love Friends!


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