dPs: 15 Minute Photo Challenge

A few years ago, I registered and subscribed to dPs (Digital Photography School). Now, they send me emails every week with a list of articles of photography tips and techniques. They have numerous authors of the articles with links to their sites and the information is endless once you’re in there. Well, this weeks email contained an article called “A 15 Minute Exercise to Improve your Photography in 2012” by Darren Rowse (founder of dPs, I’m pretty sure).

Read HERE to see what the exercise entails. No worries. It’s a fast little read.

Simple and inspiring, right? Now that you know all the steps I took in order to do the excercise, I’ll explain why I considered it a challenge. The first part requires me to sit for TEN MINUTES!!! So 10 of the 15 minutes of the exercise is sitting and looking! NO snapping! Do you have any clue what kind of overload that creates in someone who thinks too much, over analyzes over analysis and has the attention span of a 2-year-old? Yeah… you can imagine me outside, freezing, turning in circles, watching where the light is falling, hoping that the pretty little red cardinal in perfect lighting will be sitting in the same spot in 10 minutes. This was for sure a challenge for someone like me!

Well the ten minute torture was over and it was time to have some fun…….. but only 5 minutes of fun! So I spent the first 30 seconds running to get my tripod like I was on Amazing Race  and the next 30 figuring out how to make it work because its broken! One minute GONE!  Here’s a pull back of what was in my view and had decided to work with while in the torture chamber…

Looks like a real nice guy doesn’t he? Well, there’s been a few times that he’s almost been punched in the face for jumping out and scaring the crap out of me when passing by. I mean, he’s life-size! Probably taller than me (most things are) and when you forget that he’s there, you’ll have something coming for sure~ and so does he!

Notice that the eye on the left is a mirror? Remember my last post? SELF PORTRAITS! Wooooooh Doggie…..

Bring it on, matey! I’ve got my eye ON you! Literally.


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