Self Portrait: Total Doozy!

Well, I guess it wouldn’t be fair if I only shared the photos that I feel like came out well, right?

Iv’e had it on my mind for the past month to attempt a self portrait. I read a little bit about them and heard that they are pretty difficult. Well…. THEY WERE NOT KIDDING! What a mess! 

So here’s what I did: I set up my tripod, set my self timer, set my focus (hardest part) and ran to my seat, next to a window, in front of the brick wall in my living room. It was raining cats and dogs outside so I wasn’t getting an incredible amount of light. Now, here’s a look before I tell you everything that I thought about AFTER I gave up…


Now, what’s the most obvious doozy about the photo? My blown out cheek, the focus falling on my shoulder or maybe the fact that I have no clue how to model and look like I’m about to fall over sideways and go to sleep?

How about this one?


The focus fell on my collar bone and the hair beside my neck (eeeerrrrgghhh!) and because of my crop, you cant tell that I’m leaning back in my chair. The composition is just all wrong! And once again, I have blown spots.

and let me just put the cherry on the doozy cake for ya….


Nothing is in focus! *big fat tongue fart*

 After the shoot, I recollected all the things I could have done better.

1. I could have helped my bad lighting by using my reflector and and metered to even lighting so that I wasn’t over exposed on the left and under exposed on the right. With that, I could have reduce grain from such a high ISO by reflecting that really bright light back onto me. 

2. I could have locked my 2 year old in a cage so that he would stop kicking my tripod and chasing the dogs in circles around me. That would have helped things be still for better focus in camera and in my brain!

3. I could have set something up where I would be sitting and focused on that at a more closed  down aperture so that it was impossible to miss focus. 

At least I got my white balance correct! Sheesh!

I have a long way to go and I’m dragging you all along with me! 🙂

Self portraits? Im going to tackle you down and win this challenge then wave you in front of everyone I know like a flag! 


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