New Year. New Blog.

I really want to have something to keep you updated with PERKk (PatrickElizabethRiverKaiyakingston), my photo progress, projects and insiprations so I started this new and improved blog.

Happy 2012, everyone! Soooooo… we’re still here. Phew! According to the Mayan calendar, isn’t Armagedon supposed to be done and over with?  OR wait… when is this supposed to happen? At the end of the year? Do I still have more time? I mean, I can’t wait to meet my Maker  and everything but I’m not finished with this place yet. I plan on painting a good section of this planet with some looooove.

How about a New Years Rezo? Every where I go, people are talking about them. It’s just that time of year. Start all over, right? I just cant escape these motivated, hopeful people! Well guess what, I don’t have ONE!

I have like 42 and Im going to try all of them at the same time!

Here are a few: blogging, juicing (starting Feb. 1), excercise (atleast go for a walk, Liz), quit smoking…………… again,  make more hands-on projects for my kids, shoot a lot more, shoot even more than that, get an iPhone 4GS, do at least one thing per day to build and prepare my photo business, get my tail to church, buy a home, get engaged and stuff like that. It’s gonna be an amazing year! By 2013, I will be successful, healthy, happy, engaged, sexy, stable, an amazing-er mom, closer to God and have better breath! What do ya think about THAT?!

Welcome to my blog. I hope you find it inspiring, entertaining and worthy of your time! 🙂


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